Conversation with a Pregnant Woman: What to Say and What Not to Say

For being pregnant is a joyful and changing moment. To ensure a great experience, assistance and sympathy from friends, family, and acquaintances are crucial during this time. Must exercise caution while making comments, though, as they could have a negative impact on a pregnant woman ‘s emotional health. In order to help you establish a caring workplace, we’ll examine the dos and don’ts of conversing with pregnant women in this gentle parenting blog.

How to Say It:

1.Congratulations and words of support: Send the expectant mother your best wishes and extend your help. Be sure to let her know that you’re eager to join her on her adventure and that she can depend on you at any time.

2. Compliments: Describe her as having a beautiful radiance, being excited, and being strong. Positive feedback can increase her self-confidence and make her feel valued.

3. Inquire About Her Feelings: Enquire about her emotional and physical state of being. This demonstrates your genuine interest in her experiences and concern for her wellbeing.

4. Share Success Stories: If you or someone you know had a successful pregnancy, sharing your experiences with her will allay any fears she might have.

5. Request Her Preferences: Request her preferences and pregnancy-related restrictions while organizing activities or outings. This shows that she is being taken into account.

Offer assistance with things that she might find difficult to perform when pregnant, such as moving heavy objects, running errands, or cooking.

Pregnant Woman

What Not to Say:

1. Unwanted advice: Steer clear of providing unwanted advice, especially with issues pertaining to pregnancy. Given the individual nature of each pregnancy, what works for one woman may not be effective for another.

2. Negative Birth Stories: Avoid sharing any traumatic or unhappy birth experiences. These tales may cause unneeded worry and anxiety.

3. Stop Remarking: Refrain from making remarks about her weight gain or other physical changes. Due to the physical changes associated with pregnancy, such comments can be touchy subjects for expectant mothers.

4. Judgmental Statements: Steer clear of passing judgment on her lifestyle decisions, including what she consumes, wears, or engages in while pregnant. Observe her choices.

5. Comparisons: Don’t make any comparisons to other pregnant women or remarks like “You’re too small/big for how far along you are.” Every pregnancy is different.

6. Asking About Plans for More Children: Don’t inquire about her plans for more children, as it might be a personal matter. Focus on her current pregnancy journey.


Empathy and sensitivity are key when engaging in conversations with pregnant women. While your intentions may be positive, your choice of words can greatly impact her emotional state. By following the guidelines provided in this parenting blog, you can create a supportive and nurturing environment for the expectant mother. Remember, a little kindness goes a long way in making her pregnancy journey a joyful and memorable experience.

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